Our Impact

Bal Sambal takes immense pride in the achievements of our young scholars, fostering an environment where success and discipline go hand in hand.

Impact (2021-2022)

Direct Reach
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Diverse Academic Excellence

A cohort of 100 students ranging from the 1st to the 10th grade showcases our commitment to nurturing young minds throughout their academic journey.

National Archery Champions

Two of our exceptional students not only represented but triumphed on the national stage in archery, earning well-deserved medals for their skill and dedication.

Academic Brilliance

Celebrating academic excellence, one of our students secured an outstanding 96% in the 10th-grade examination in 2023, a testament to the quality education and supportive environment provided by our NGO.

Exemplary Discipline and Manners

Our students are not just academically inclined but are also known for their exemplary discipline and impeccable manners, reflecting the values instilled through our holistic approach to education.

Multifaceted Achievements

Beyond the academic realm, our students have showcased their talents in various fields, representing and winning medals in singing, dancing, karate, chess, and a spectrum of other sports. This diverse array of achievements underscores the well-rounded development we aim to instill.