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Welcome to BalSambal, where our mission is encapsulated within our very name. ‘Bal’ meaning child, and ‘Sambal” meaning support, reflect the very core values of our NGO. Our purpose is to go beyond just the child’s basic needs, provide unwavering support, and ensure they blossom into the best versions of themselves. Our approach extends to nurturing their dreams and aspirations.

We believe in encouraging the inherent potential within each young soul by fostering an environment where each child feels cherished and valued for their skills and talents. From educational initiatives that ignite curious minds to healthcare endeavors ensuring their physical and mental health, our efforts are dedicated to creating a tapestry of care around every child.

Join us on a journey where every child’s life is marked with love, encouragement, and the unshakable belief that they can achieve anything they set their hearts on. Together, we can create a world where each child not only survives but thrives.

Panchsheel Jain


With compassion in the heart and a mission in mind, Mohan Bhai, the founder of Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti, emerged as the symbol of dedication and kindness. He devoted his life to various social causes like the dowry system, purdah (veil) system, child marriage, and more. His life epitomized a commitment to social change, aligning with Mahatma Gandhi’s principles. He also devoted a large part of his time to children’s welfare with an approach to the overall psychological development of a child as opposed to the then-prevalent rote system.

Following her husband’s footsteps, Bhagirathi Devi became the forerunner of many roles in many political and social projects. She was the first lady to rebel against the purdah system in her region. She dedicated 15 years of her life to Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti and became an inspiration to not only women but also to Bal Sambal.

A new chapter unfolded when, at 50, a successor decided to continue his parents’ legacy of public service. Mr. Panscheel Jain, well-established in business, transitioned his career to address societal needs. Recognized by the government for his contributions, he left the business world to build ‘Bal Sambal’ a free residential school ensuring the comprehensive development for underprivileged tribal children. Moreover, his motive was to build something children could call their “home”. His transformative journey from business success to humanitarian services exemplifies the essence of ‘Bal Sambal’s commitment to societal well-being.




The foundation stone of Baal Sambal was laid by Shree Narayana Das ji maharaj of Trivenidham, Shree Mohan bhai, Parliament member Sachin Pilot and region magistrate Shree Ramchandra Saradhana ..


Volunteer with us – 

Join hands with us to make a difference in children’s lives! As a volunteer, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping their future. Whether through mentoring, organizing activities, or offering your skills, your time and dedication will help children enhance their talents and provide them the guidance they deserve. Our children at Bal Sambal are curious and eager to learn more and more! Together, let’s create lasting smiles and memories.

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