About us


Baal Sambal. These two words suffice as an introduction in themselves. This means, our mission is not to merely support these helpless children, but to strengthen them, encourage them, nurture and cherish them. Our mission is to provide them with mental strength, social security, education, creativity, culture, ethics and most of all – a home. We strive to make responsible leaders for our country.

There are constant efforts by the government to help and support these underprivileged children. There are also some private organizations who have continually been working for this cause. But we don’t want to take our hands off our responsibility by simply providing food and shelter. Baal Sambal is a foresighted approach, and its proof is the location of the organization. It’s located in the Sirohi village of Chandwaji, which is a district of Amer. It’s spanned over an 18 bigha (54,000 meter square) land area, surrounded by mountains, greenery and natural beauty. Not only does it provide a natural environ to the future leaders of India, but also it’s an effort to stop the exploitation of nature at the hands of industrialization. Furthermore, it’s an effort to conserve natural assets, farming, and husbandry along with industry. It’s our hope that after learning this balance to nature with progress, the children will grow to be responsible citizens who maintain the delicate balance of nature.


Panchseel Jian

Bhai Panchsheel is the son of such a father Mohanbhai, who participated in the freedom struggle and after independence devoted his entire life to social service. He did many social works while remaining firm on his principles. His compassionate mother (Bhagirathi Devi) also donated all her ornaments for service work. Both husband and wife remained engaged in social service till their last days. Bhai Panchsheel gained self-reliance, charity, service and culture from the ideal life of his parents and saved himself from every evil and intoxication. Bhai Panchsheel in his childhood due to an incident with his father. He resolved that he has to earn a lot of money. Which he also achieved in his business. However, later doing business, he decided to pursue his father's social service work, that as soon as he completed 50 years, he had to spend all his time in public service. Bhai Panchsheel chose a product for business, which was in great demand, but the country did not have the technology to make it. At that time there was no internet and computers. They made that product with great dedication and hard work. succeeded in making. Going forward, many factories were set up in the country for that product. Bhai was the President of Panchsheel Diamond Tools Association for four years, he got a lot of respect and respect from the people of this area. The Government of India also appreciated the works of Bhai Panchsheel and gave him the Best Entrepreneur award. Would have been 50. Bhai Panchsheel left the accumulated industry and got involved in father's public work. Everyone in his factory still loves and remembers him. The family did not like it, but everyone supported. After leaving the business, Bhai Panchsheel took up two important works, which are as follows: 1. Started an organization named Bal Sambal. Through this, poor tribals are being given all those facilities, which can give them a successful life. This free residential school is 'committed' to the all round development of the children. There is also a cowshed here. Along with this, there is also an old age home, which is being run without any government support. 2. Bhai Panchsheel is running a clean politics campaign. Along with this, he is also cherishing the dream of making Jaipur city a world class city. For this, they are continuously making plans. The experiences he has taken from all his foreign trips, he is constantly keeping them in front of the people through articles in the newspaper.


Shree Mohan Lal Jain was born on 24 September, 1919 in Sardarshahr, Churu district. Mohan Bhai is the founder of Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti. Mohan Bhai has been deeply involved in many social causes like Harijan service, child development, social welfare including daunting themes like dowry system, purdah system, child marriage, alcohol prohibition etc. Being a staunch Gandhian, Mohan Bhai has always provided a new direction to the youth and been the vanguard of many social welfare projects. He dedicated his whole life to his pet project of all-round child development with focus on a overall psychological development as opposed to the prevalent rote system. Despite of being born of a well-off prosperous Jain family, Mohan bhai chose the difficult path of social service. For working between harijans, who were considered untouchable at that time, Mohan bhai had to face harsh opposition from his society and family. At the young age of 16, Mohan bhai was the first person in his area to get involved in the freedom revolution. Shree mohan lal jain founded Bapa Seva Sadan, an educational institution for harijan children. Since then, he has opened numerous schools like Baal Mandir, Balika Vidyalaya, Gyan Mandir, Baalbari and institutions like Bhartiya Sanskar Samiti etc. Mohan Bhai’s life is an exemplary example of a person who dedicated his whole life for the welfare of humanity. Even today, mohan bhai has maintained himself as a healthy industrious man and provides precious guidance to Bal Sambal.


As the saying goes, “Behind every successful man is a woman”. Bhagirathi Devi Jain, wife of Shree Mohan lal Jain, is an epitome of this saying. Born and brought up in a prosperous family, Bhagirathi devi chose to follow her husband’s life motto “simple life, high thinking” and gave away even her last golden bangle for the bhudaan revolution. They dwelled in a little hut in the barren land of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, but she assured the best upbringing of her children. She was the forerunner of many roles in political and social projects and even was the first lady to take off her purdah in her region. After giving 15 years of her dedicated service to the development of Anuvrat Vishwa bharti, she took her last breath in the Anuvibha campus on June 22, 1997. Her life is a great example to humanity, inspiration for all women and a constant source of inspiration for Baal sambal.


The foundation stone of Baal Sambal was laid by Shree Narayana Das ji maharaj of Trivenidham, Shree Mohan bhai, Parliament member Sachin Pilot and region magistrate Shree Ramchandra Saradhana ..

Comity Members

  1. Panchsheel Jain     – President
  2. Sharad Kankariya     – Vice President
  3. Pankaj Gagwani        Vice President
  4. Aatish Lodha            – General Secretary 
  5. S.K Gupta                   – Treasurer 
  6. Yash Bafna                 – Member
  7. Payal Ojha                  – Member
  8. Pallavi Singh            – Member
  9. Shyoji Ram Bunkar   – Member

Founder Members

1. Mr. Vishwanath Mittal, Mumbai

2. Mr. Kamal Dugad, Kolkata 

3. Mr. R.K. M. Kothari, Kolkata

4. Shri Pannalal Bed, Jaipur

5. Mr. Lokmanya Golcha, Nepal 

6. Mr. Narpat Singh Chordia, Bangalore

7. Mr. Tej Karan Surana Jain, New Delhi 

8. Mr. Vijay Kumar Dugad, Jaipur

9. Mr. Jugal Kishore Baid, Jaipur 

10. Mr. Prakash Banthia, Hyderabad

11. Shree Daulat, Kailash Daga, Jaipur

12. Shri Harsh Jain, Jaipur

13. Shri K.K. Ale. Aggarwal, Jaipur 

14. Mrs. Vimla Dugad, Jaipur

15. Mr. Dalpat Lodha, Jaipur 

16. Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Jaipur

17. Mr. Lakshmipat Dudhedia, Bangalore 

18. Mr. Mahendra Nahata, New Delhi

19. Mr. Sushil Kumar Dugad, Jaipur

20. Bachhawat Family, Jaipur,Sardarshahar, Chennai

21. Smt. Amrita Utkarsh Gound, San Francisco

22. Mrs. Namrata Prateek Gupta, San Francisco

23. Mrs. Manjula Gujrani, Jaipur

24. Mrs. Kamla Devi Patwari,Manicher, Assam

25. Mr. Saroj Kumar Pawan Nahata, Hyderabad

26. Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Nahata, Bangalore 

27. Mr. Nirmal Kumar and Mrs. Tara SaitLos Angeles 

28. Mr. Bimal Kumar and Mrs. Pushpa De Bardia, Mr. Vikas Jain Barda


29. Shri Shubhag Jammad, Nepal

30. Shree Kundan Mal Baid, Kolkata

31. Mr. Vikas Sethia, Bangalore 

32. Mr. Hemraj Khated, Palanpur

33. Shri Govind Ram Kumawat, Jhunjhunu

34. Shri Sharad Kankaria, Jaipur

35. Shri Pramod Jain, Jaipur

36. Shri Vimal Chand Jain, Jaipur

37. Mr. Amichand Dassani, Hyderabad 38. Mr. Kamal Bothra, Jaipur

39. Shri Lalaram Meena, Jaipur