• Bernie Meyer (American Gandhi) at Bal Sambal:-

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बाल सम्बल में बर्नी मेयेर अमेरिकन गांधी दूसरी बार अवलोकनार्थ पधारे। आपने बाल सम्बल के प्रगतिशील कार्य कि सराहना कि और बालको को स्नेह प्रदान किया

  • Dr. S.N. Subbarao at Bal Sambal:- Salem Nanjundaiah Subba Rao was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, on 7 February 1929. He attended the Ramakrishna Vedanta College in Malleshwaram. He was arrested when aged 13 for daubing slogans in support of the Quit India movement. He came Bal Sambal orphanage home. He has on good command on interaction with child and adults. He played many games with children and he motivated them for positive thinking.

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Dr. Suresh Kairnar at Bal Sambal:-



National artists:– Maithali Jaweri (Delhi), Kamal Nath (Sharnpur), Era Tak (Jaipur),Veena Pincha (Bangalore) etc. visited Bal Sambal. All artist display own creativity on canvas in front of children. They were encouraging them for painting and create an interest among art activity.

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Page3Chitanya Guru ji at Bal Sambal:- visited Bal Sambal He is spiritual leader known for his contributions in yoga, Ayurveda, and agriculture. He is best known for popularizing yoga among Indians through his mass yoga camps. This was the second visit at Bal Sambal. He gave a motivational speech to children and he shared own experience with children.




Tina justine had Visited Bal sambal and she appreciated Bal Sambal Work …..










Aditi Sodani come from global giving inspects for bal sambal and pahal (Slums School).

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Azaria yogendra and Amari Yogendra Came in Rainy Season in Bal Sambal kids are enjoying with her.

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