Right to Education for every child should be a reality and needs to be translated into action to bring a visible change through involvement of the people who deserve it most, those who belong to the tertiary sector of life, livelihood as compared to the mainstream of civilization. In this mission we have to ensure participation and direct involvement of all the community people and to include the existing facilities, resources and the system in our work area. Through this project we will try to change the trend. In this project we are educated street children will produce some trained worker, those who will able to stand in the society having their own identity not in the group. We are providing a formal and non-formal education to all street children in our location. They are basically vulnerable group of deprived children, more specifically street children, slum children, working children and rag pickers. The schools have been very successful academically and are liked a lot by the community.  Consequently, the learning groups consist of children at different levels of learning rather than as homogeneous classes. Teacher child relationship is democratic and of mutual caring. Teachers have a very good rapport with the community and community has accepted as well as become quite fond of the new pedagogy used in these schools. We are running a Pahal project under the Bal Sambal.  Currently we have 3 centers in Jaipur.  1) Jawaher Circle, Jaipur 2) Valmiki Basti 3) Jhalana Kachchi Basti

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In pahal  Sunita ji distributed School Dress, Shoes and Fruits for children’s.