Nutritious food


“You are what you eat.” That’s the theme in Bal sambal when it comes to food. We provide the children with organic, vegetarian food twice a day. We don’t use gas here as fuel, but coals and wood to maintain the nutrients of the food. The food includes all required nutrients with attention given to the right amount of calorie being consumed by each child. There’s constant monitoring for cleanliness in the premise while cooking the food. Milk, especially, is provided in ample quantity. Bal sambal maintains a small cow farm and the workers of the organization take good care of the cows. There are workers dedicated only to the food department.

Most of the vegetables are grown inside the campus only, hence ensuring the quality and nutrition level of the food. This also gives children a good experience at gardening.

To sum it up, we strive to provide the children with organic, pure, vegetarian and healthy food, because we believe that a healthy body is home to a healthy mind.