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There is major focus on sports at Bal Sambal. We provide them with training and opportunities to empower them to face the challenges amongst international and national contenders. The founders of this organization have paid special attention to providing necessary infrastructure for indoor as well as outdoor sports to the children. The children have various sporting equipment available to them and a dedicated sports coach to help them train.

Certain children specially from Bhilwara tribal areas have shown great talents and are already adept at archery, athletics and discus-throw. We are working hard with them on honing their existing natural skills. We do have a long way to go and the work is still in progress.

The goal is to provide all the children will have all possible amenities, equipment and training to help them stand as an equal in sporting events.

Currently, We are hoping to raise $3500 for a new archery bow recommended by trainers to help in this tournament.

Recent Awards and Events.

January 2017

Krishna attending qualify round for National Level Archery Tournament 2017 in bikaner.

December 2016

Krishna won silver in 40mt Archery and Bronze in overall ranking

November 2016

XYZ won 1 silver and 2 bronze in Judo at Pie School Olympics

October 2016

XYZ took part in a chess tournament and won first round.