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Pahal – A Bal Sambal Initiative

Mission Statement

Right to Education should be a reality for every child and needs to be translated into action and we can bring a visible change through involvement of the people who deserve it most, those who belong to the tertiary sector of life and livelihood as compared to the mainstream of civilization.

Hence, through this mission, we must ensure participation and direct involvement of the whole community and to leverage the existing facilities, resources and established system in our work area. Through this project, we will try to change the trend.

We want to educate and enable the street children to make them self-dependent and capable of standing in the society having an identity of their own. We are providing formal and non-formal education to all street children in our locations free of cost. This is the most vulnerable group of society – children deprived of education, healthy meals and childhood – the street children, the slum children, the rag pickers.

The schools have been very successful academically and are liked a lot by the community.  Consequently, the learning groups consist of children at various levels of learning rather than homogeneous classes. Teacher-child relationship is democratic and of mutual caring. Teachers have a very good rapport with the community and community has accepted as well as become quite fond of the new system of education used in these schools. This “Pahal” project is being run under Bal Sambal.

Bal Sambal organization is running this initiative to educate and mentor the kids of Jaipur’s slum areas. These children have families but not enough means to get a proper education. Without any guidance, they tend to ignore education and start working in early ages of their lives to support the family financially. This is a vicious circle that can only be broken by educating these children and mentoring them to strive to be better. Currently we are running 3 centers and plan for 10 more.

3 centers in Jaipur:

  1. Jawaher Circle, Jaipur
  2. Valmiki Basti
  3. Jhalana Kachchi Basti

We plan to open 10 more centers very soon and as funds make us capable of doing so.


Problem Statement

The kids that grow up in slums are devoid of a lot of opportunities to learn and hone their talents. Many of them end up dropping school and most of them end up working with their parents. This encourages dropping school and child labor. While they can’t be adopted by Bal Sambal because they have caring families who are trying very hard to give them a better life, there’s a lot we can do to help and support the underprivileged kids.


How will this project solve the problem?

We are trying to help them my providing education, training, uniforms and stationary. We organize lots of programs and educational sessions for them. We encourage other people to become a part of the community by donating or volunteering for these kids.


Potential Long-term Impact

The biggest benefits would be discouraging child labor and dropping out of school. This will have an enormous impact on the future generations because adults who values education will focus more on their children’s education. Child labor is also a very big problem in India and needs to be addressed.

This project has enormous potential and impact in main streaming of street children. Their basic needs being met, they will create a new life for themselves through gaining knowledge, vocational & life skills. Their confidence level will boost and they’ll become good assets to the community. They will be physically and psychologically well-developed and will make good and contributing citizens. They will be also inspired to give back to the community.



Pahal provides education, teachers, school uniforms, stationary, shoes, socks and other maintenance items. We also provide food via tiffin to these kids to ensure a healthy meal for a proper growth.

Yearly Expenditure per location:


Resource Quantity Cost Total (INR) Total (USD)
Teachers 2 6000 (monthly) Rs. 1,44,000 $2160
School Uniforms 40 children 500 (annually) Rs. 20,000 $300
Stationary     Rs. 10,000 $150
Shoes, Socks and miscellaneous items     Rs. 10,000 $150
Tiffin     Rs. 15,000 $225
    Total: Rs. 199,000 $2985


Currently, we are running 3 locations, so yearly requirement is: Rs. 600,000/ $9000

Our goal is to run 10 centers by end of year, so year requirement will be: Rs. 2,000,000/ $30,000


Contact Information

Contact Person: Panchsheel Jain


Phone Number: +91 9414042398

Office Address: S-8, Divya Mall, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015 India