Formal Education

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Bal Sambal is certified to provide formal education from the state government. We believe that goal of education is not just to be graduated with a degree in hand, but to be capable of blending with the social structure and have successful careers.

We provide an atmosphere of learning where these children do not fear the books and competition rather yearn for knowledge and books. The classrooms are in the midst of natural surroundings providing a stress-free environment. The impeccable guidance of committed teachers have inspired them to excel in the academics. Our teachers understand child psychology and engage in interactive learning methods which furthers strengthens their fundamentals. As a result, even in our nascent conditions, 8 out of 40 children became very serious about education and worked hard to give the 5th grade state exams.

Other children here have begun to love their books, pencils and notebooks, instead of running away from them. People who visit BalSambal and meet our children are surprised by their grasp on Hindi and English vocabulary, reasoning capability and understanding of fundamental concepts.

Going forward, we wish to provide them and others with the best opportunity to learn by sending them to educational institutions for advanced degrees. Help support the higher education on these children so they can become independent, competent and responsible.