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In this industrial era, it is imperative for children to gain practical and industrial knowledge first hand. We want our children have a forward thinking, logical and scientific mindset. For their benefit, we have computer labs, workshops for various disciplines like sewing, electronics and mechanical engineering. They have various classes every Sunday for this purpose. At the same time, we also teach them basic home maintenance skills to make them independent adults. Conclusively, all technical and hand skills are being taught to the children so that they can stand on their own legs and never have to depend on anyone.

We have dedicated a section of it for a vegetable garden which is maintained by the children themselves. They tend to it with a lot of skill and affection already. We are trying to teach them not only the traditional methods of farming, but also the new scientific methods for better crop, better life of the land etc. This teaches them to not depend on the big city facilities and learn to give more to the villages to help them grow better.

Every child learns industrial, scientific and maintenance skills to become an independent adult, this is our plan.