Child Care

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This is the key perspective of Bal Sambal when it comes to values, because a child holding good values can prove to be a means of great honor not only to his parents, school or country but also to his institution. We begin seeding our children with values from the first day because we believe that values can’t be taught in a classroom, but imbibed in them since childhood with reference to our disposition. Our mornings begin with a morning prayer followed by morning chores and yoga for mental and physical fitness. After this, all children eat together, study via interactive sessions and with utmost respect for their teachers. The culture in Bal sambal encourages the children to learn for themselves, take interest in their personal growth and be conscientious individuals.
The excitement and respect with which the children receive visitors, and moreover, the deep imprint of their affection and spirit they leave on them, always makes our visitors emotional to be leaving them.
This spirit, integrity, affection, open-hearted disposition, their eagerness to learn and maintain good physical and mental strength are the cultural values of our children in Bal Sambal and to see them as the forbearers of a good cultured youth is our hope and our endless effort.