About us

Patron  “Shree Mohan Lal Jain”

bal sambal advertimentShree Mohan Lal Jain was born on 24 September, 1919 in Sardarshahr, Churu district.

Mohan Bhai is the founder of Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti. Mohan Bhai has been deeply involved in many social causes like Harijan service, child development, social welfare including daunting themes like dowry system, purdah system, child marriage, alcohol prohibition etc. Being a staunch Gandhian, Mohan Bhai has always provided a new direction to the youth and been the vanguard of many social welfare projects. He dedicated his whole life to his pet project of all-round child development with focus on a overall psychological development as opposed to the prevalent rote system.

Despite of being born of a well-off prosperous Jain family, Mohan bhai chose the difficult path of social service. For working between harijans, who were considered untouchable at that time, Mohan bhai had to face harsh opposition from his society and family. At the young age of 16, Mohan bhai was the first person in his area to get involved in the freedom revolution. Shree mohan lal jain founded Bapa Seva Sadan, an educational institution for harijan children. Since then, he has opened numerous schools like Baal Mandir, Balika Vidyalaya, Gyan Mandir, Baalbari and institutions like Bhartiya Sanskar Samiti etc.

Mohan Bhai’s life is an exemplary example of a person who dedicated his whole life for the welfare of humanity. Even today, mohan bhai has maintained himself as a healthy industrious man and provides precious guidance to Bal Sambal.


Inspiration “Bhagirathi Devi”

As the saying goes, “Behind every successful man is a woman”. Bhagirathi Devi Jain, wife of Shree Mohan lal Jain, is an epitome of this saying. Born and brought up in a prosperous family, Bhagirathi devi chose to follow her husband’s life motto “simple life, high thinking” and gave away even her last golden bangle for the bhudaan revolution. They dwelled in a little hut in the barren land of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, but she assured the best upbringing of her children. She was the forerunner of many roles in political and social projects and even was the first lady to take off her purdah in her region. After giving 15 years of her dedicated service to the development of Anuvrat Vishwa bharti, she took her last breath in the Anuvibha campus on June 22, 1997. Her life is a great example to humanity, inspiration for all women and a constant source of inspiration for Baal sambal.


Laying of the foundation Stone

The foundation stone of Baal Sambal was laid by Parliament member Sachin Pilot in the supreme presence of Shree Narayana Das ji maharaj of Trivenidham, region magistrate Shree Ramchandra Saradhana and Shree Mohan bhai.


Bal Sambal – An Introduction:

Baal Sambal. These two words suffice as an introduction in themselves. This means, our mission is not to merely support these helpless children, but to strengthen them, encourage them, nurture and cherish them. Our mission is to provide them with mental strength, social security, education, creativity, culture, ethics and most of all – a home. We strive to make responsible leaders for our country.

There are constant efforts by the government to help and support these underprivileged children. There are also some private organizations who have continually been working for this cause. But we don’t want to take our hands off our responsibility by simply providing food and shelter. Baal Sambal is a foresighted approach, and its proof is the location of the organization. It’s located in the Sirohi village of Chandwaji, which is a district of Amer. It’s spanned over an 18 bigha (54,000 meter square) land area, surrounded by mountains, greenery and natural beauty. Not only does it provide a natural environ to the future leaders of India, but also it’s an effort to stop the exploitation of nature at the hands of industrialization. Furthermore, it’s an effort to conserve natural assets, farming, and husbandry along with industry. It’s our hope that after learning this balance to nature with progress, the children will grow to be responsible citizens who maintain the delicate balance of nature.

Advisory Committee:

  1. G. L. Nahar


  1. Panchsheel Jain -President
  2. Sarad Kankariya – General Secretary
  3. Koushalya Jain – Treasurer
  4. Ved Prakash Gautam – Dissemination Minister
  5. Vinyasheel Jain– Member
  6. Rakesh Nolakha – Member
  7. Manjula Gujrani – Member
  8. Sageeta Bardiya – Member



We have been granted permission and license by the government to run the orphanage. We have constructed enough infrastructure to comfortably accommodate our current strength and the second development phase is already in motion. We have our own vegetable garden which is taken care of by the children themselves. Also, we have a boring well and a small dairy of our own. The idea is to ensure that the children get pure, organic and healthy food and water. We haven’t taken any help from the government. The construction work is going on without a pause. Also, we plan to expand our dairy and vegetable garden accordingly. We plan to take up to 250 children and give them expert coaching in any field of their choice. Their hidden talents and potential would otherwise never get a chance to nourish. How much chance does an orphan has in India today, to be able to create a good life for himself and to get opportunities a normal child would get? We want to provide them more than what a family can provide – a home with love, care and a chance to learn, progress in each sphere of life and to be an equal. We plan to train them in sports, dance, music, academics with international standards and prepare them to be the best in their fields. We plan to build a legacy for India. We plan to give every child who finds himself struggling for survival a chance to grow and learn.